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If you don't find the model you are looking for here pre-built, just contact me with the details of the model and spec you are looking for and I will give you a price.

  • Choose the exact version you want (as long as there's a kit!)
  • Add any detailing sets you want to include
  • Choose the markings /decals you want
  • Choose the level of weathering - factory fresh or war-worn!

Welcome to My name is Colin Higton, and all the kits you will find here were built by me here in the UK.

I enjoy building models and work hard to make my finished kits 'look right', weathering the models to reflect their role in whichever conflict they served in.

My particular interest is in military aircraft, but as you will see I also build tanks and other vehicles as well. Whatever I build, for me the enjoyment is in the build rather than the finished kit, and I simply don't have space to display all my finished models - so I prefer to sell them on for others to enjoy.

I also build to order - so if you would like your aircraft or vehicle in a different scheme, or are looking for a particular vehicle just contact me for a price. Costs will be similar to the builds here - depending on any detailing kits etc you want to include.

Anyway - have a look round and I hope you enjoy the site.

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