Professionally Built Scale Plastic Models

Packaging your model

I package all my models very carefully.

This is an example of how I packaged a 1/72 Catalina that I posted from the UK to the US and it arrived in perfect condition. This packaging may change depending on the exact model - but this will give you a good idea of the approach that I take.

2021-03-17 23.32.17

Inner box: HThis initial box holds the model steady to protect when the parcel gets shaken...

2021-03-17 23.38.59

Inner box: This is all then enclosed with a lid to protect the fargile elements and top surface...

2021-03-18 15.06.18

Plastic box: When possible I put the outer box into a plastic box to keep it dry and for extra protection...

2021-03-17 23.32.25

Inner box: You can see I’ve used elastic bands to give the model a flexible hold..

2021-03-18 00.12.38

Outer box: This protects the inner box and wings and is glued together to contain everything.

2021-03-18 15.06.42-1

Final Packaging: All packaged with more bubblewrap padding and wrapped in brown paper...

I make the packaging to suit each model, so it may be different for yours - but I will always apply this same level of care and careful planning to every model I send out.

I want it to get to you in good condition as much as you want to receive it that way!