Professionally Built Scale Plastic Models

FAQs & Delivery

How are the models made?

All the models shown and for sale on this site were built by me. I work from my garage here in Leicestershire in the UK, and I have been building models seriously for the last 15 years or so. I build mostly straight out of the box, using just what comes with the kit and a few additions to add details like seat belts and extra detail where appropriate.

I paint all my models in Tamiya acrylic paints using an Iawata Revolution airbrush along with rattle-cans and brush painted fnishes when required. On most of my builds I weather the kit using a variety of techniques and finishes depending on what is appropriate for the vehcle in question.

Some kits (particularly older kits or commissions) require a bit more, and then I am happy to use detail sets and after-market decals etc - as well as occasionally engraving panel lines where the only option for that aircraft is an older kit with raised lines.

Other than that, the only additional things I apply to every single model and at every stage is Radio 4 or an Audible audio book, tea or beer depending on the time and day, and a copious amount of absolutely foul language every time I drop a piece or mess something up.

How do you package your models?

Very, very carefully! Take a look at how I package models for delivery and you will see that I do everything possible to make sure they survive delivery.

Do you deliver overseas?

Delivery within the UK is included in the prices, and I am happy to deliver overseas at cost.

The way I package up models should see them through the delivery process successfully, but please bear in mind that these models are fragile and I can't guarantee small parts won't get detached in transit. I am happy to add insurance to the delivery cost, but bear in mind that all insurance companies are utter ©@!@$ and may try to wriggle out of paying.

You can see how I package models here, and please be aware that you are liable for any import duties etc - although some of my customers ask me to send the models as gifts, which I am happy to do.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you order a model that has already been built I will normally post it to you within 5 days, and it should arrive with you a few days later. That gives me time to package the model very carefully for you to make as sure as possible that the model arrives safely.

Obviously custom builds take longer - usually around 3 weeks to build, plus the same time for packaging and delivery.

If you need your model for a particular time just let me know and I will do my best to meet your timescale - and of course you are always welcome to pick the model up from me here in Loughborough.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs will vary by model. I include delivery to the UK mainland, but for anywhere else in the world I will have to quote you separately depending on the location and size of model etc.

If you are outside the UK mainland and see a model you would like, please contact me for a quote. I pass on all delivery charges at cost - or you are welcome to arrange collectin from me here if you prefer.

What if my model is damaged?

I package my models VERY carefully, I have sent them to America and they arrived safely - but having said that, they are by their very nature  immensely fragile, and unfortunately there is no way I can guarantee that some parts won't get damaged in transit.

On the rare occasions that happens they are usually easy to fix with a bit of superglue, but if you are concerned, the safest way to receive the model is to collect if from me here in Loughborough - and you are welcome to do that.

Can I return the order?

I really don't want to leave customers unhappy, but nor do I want to be left out of pocket - so you need to really make sure that you are happy with the model BEFORE you order. I take clear photos of the models for you to see, so you should be able to judge the model for yourself. Obviously the limitations of photography mean the colours may be slightly different in real life, but accepting that limitation they show the model clearly.

I don't accept returns under normal circumstances for obvious reasons. Models are very fragile, and sending them back and forward is expensive for both of us and inevitably runs the risk of damage. If you would ike me to include insurance for damage please specify before ordering.

In the unlikely event that you feel the model is substantially different to the photographs, I will only consider a refund if the model is received in the same condition it left me, and you will be liable for all costs of delivery, and I reserve the right to apply a reasonable administration fee if I feel it is neccessary.

What about import duties for my country?

You will be liable for any and all import duties to receive the model in your country. Unfortunately I cannot advise you on this as I am not an expert, so please check before you order if this is a concern.

If for any reason you choose not to accept the delivery and it is returned to me, I will only consider a refund if the model is received in the same condition it left me. You wil be liable for all costs of delivery, and I reserve the right to apply an administration fee.